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*** March 24, 2020 ***
The scheduled opening of Somatics Grocery at the Hessel Museum of Art, Bard College, has been postponed until an unknown future date due to COVID-19. This illustrated handling manual, originally addressed to museum staff for the installation of a new piece titled Gurney, echoes the heightened sense of vulnerability and fragility of our bodies during these times. Take good care, everyone. ︎-Tak  

Gurney (2018 - 2020), clay, plastic garbage and shopping bags, chrome shelves, wheels, handles, 40 x 207 x 24 inches

Gurney is a new installation conceived for Somatics Grocery, a group exhition curated by Brooke Nicholas. Its components, made in 2018 and 2019, sit on a 16 feet long chrome structure on wheels with push handles on both ends.

“These components will arrive in eight cardboard collared boxes for Gurney (large shelving structure). They are fragile. Handle according to diagrams below by supporting them as indicated by arrows. Avoid handling areas marked by an X. If necessary, remove cardboard collars to access and transfer components to the large shelving structure titled Gurney. Two people should handle Aortic, Soul Home, and Ghost Ship because of their elongated shapes and heavy weight.” - Handling Manual for Gurney